There is much talk today about how the real estate market has declined. However, there are many real estate professionals who discover that their customers are in a position to buy, regardless of the current conditions. These buyers are not worried about changes in interest rates or how difficult it is to get a loan alternative. This is because these buyers are only interested in a 10 percent of the real estate market globally. They are known as luxury buyers.

Being in the business of real estate sales, you will know that this market is very different from any other, for example, a Million Dollar House or Condo is not necessarily Luxury.

This may be hard to believe for some, but in Bahía de Banderas, specifically Riviera Nayarit a house or condo of a million dollars is a norm, but they are not necessarily luxury. Therefore, focusing on selling a million dollar properties is no longer an indicator that it is the best in the market. That is why we have marked only 10 percent as “luxury”, so your real estate adviser knows of the market and can advise you of the different alternatives available.

Selling Luxury Properties may take a while, one of my colleagues worked on a $20 million sale for a couple of years when they finally did it, it was worth it. But, if you are looking for a quick hit in the luxury market, it will surely take more time than the one you are considering.

Your Buyer is probably not National, many qualified buyers travel to Vallarta from other countries. There is a lot of activity of Canadians, the American market has decreased considerably however there are still people with possibilities that want and believe in Mexico.